Richard D. Cummings (Harvard Medical School, EUA)

How Carbohydrates Regulate Leukocyte Trafficking Pathways and the Translational Opportunities

Jose Alexandre Marzagão Barbuto (ICB-USP)

Functional reprogramming of cancer patients’ dendritic cells: a potentially effective therapeutic strategy

Paula M. Alves (iBET, ITQB NOVA University of Lisbon, Portugal)

Title: Bioengineering the Next Generation of 3D Cell Models

Silvya Stuchi Maria-Engler (FCF-USP)

Title: From the cell plate to the patient: melanoma as a model

Renato José Mendonça Natalino (Laboratório Fleury)

Title: Oncotype: results of TAILORx study

Veysel Kayser (School of Pharmacy at the University of Sydney, Austrália)

Title: Development of next generation antibody-based biologics

Gilberto Ubida Leite Braga (FCFRP-USP)
Title: Photodynamic inactivation of plant-pathogenic fungi
Monica Pupo (FCFRP-USP)
Title: Rethinking and Reconsidering Natural Products in Drug Discovery
Stephen O. Duke (United States Department of Agriculture, University, MS 39677, USA)
Title: Natural compounds in pesticide discovery
Maria Fátima das Graças Fernandes da Silva (DQ-UFSCar, São Carlos)
Title: Old drug for humans repurposed to rapid development of agricultural defensives
Maria Teresa Herdeiro (University of Aveiro, Portugal)
Title: The patient centered approach to medication management
Alexander Itria (University Federal of São Carlos, São Carlos)
Title: The use of pharmacoeconomic tools in pharmaceutical care decision making
Paulo Roberto Bueno, UNESP
Title: The state-of-the-art in molecular electrochemical immune- and affinity-sensor technologies
Adrian Gustavo Turjanski (UBA, Argentina)
Title: Computational Drug Design in the Genomics Era
Luiz Carlos Dias, UNICAMP
Title: Drug Discovery for the Most Neglected
Gerard Wong (Univ. California, Los Angeles, EUA)
Title: Physics and chemistry meet immunity and autoimmunity
Gustavo Trossini (FCF, USP-SP)
Title: Strategies of Virtual Screening and machine learning in the selection of Sirtuin 2 inhibitors as new antichagasic candidates
Natercia Aurora Teixeira (Universidade do Porto, Portugal)
Title: Cannabinoids in cancer: where we stand
Marize Campos Valadares (Universidade Federal de Goiás, Goaís)
Title: Innovative in vitro solutions applied in investigations of inhalatory toxicity
Céline Picard (Université Le Havre, França)
Title: Strategies to study the skin surface properties and anti-pollution effect of anti-aging formulations
Daiane Garcia Mercúrio (L’Oréal)
Title: Age-related changes in skin properties: in vivo non- invasive evaluation methods and skin characterization of different populations
Sílvia S. Guterres, Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul
Title: Four decades of pharmaceutical nanotechnology: has the promise been fulfilled?
Ricardo Bentes de Azevedo (University of Brasília)
Title: Nanobiotechnology in Photodynamic Therapy
Ana Isabel Torres Suárez (Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Espanha)
Title: Delivery systems of cannabinoids

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